Meet our Staff

Prof. Chris Vorster - Clinical Pathologist

Director of the Centre for Human Metabolomics and the clinical pathologist overseeing result interpretation and diagnostics at PLIEM and NBS.

Dr. Marli Dercksen - Consultant/Manager

Manager of PLIEM and has n Ph.D. in Biochemistry (obtained from the University of Amsterdam). She is responsible for the reporting and verification of results.

Prof. L.J. Mienie (Japie) - Founder

Founder of the laboratory. Prof Mienie specialize in the identification of inherited / congenital metabolic defects, neurotoxicology of zenobiotics and is a collaborating author of various research articles.

The Analysts

Ms. Elmarie Davoren

M.Sc in Biochemistry. Head Analyst: Acylcarnitine, CDG and organic acid interpretation

Ms. Sonja Bartlett

Honns. Biochemistry. Head Analyst: Screening and MPS assays

Mr. Jano Jacobs

Honns. Biochemistry. Head Analyst: Organic acids and creatine determination

Ms. Yolanda Nel

Honns. Biochemistry. Head Analyst: Amino acids and VLCFA assays and interpretation

Mrs. Ansie Mienie - Administration

B.Bibl (Ed), B.Ed (Hons), M.Ed (Sosio-Pedagogics), Senior Laboratory administrator

Mrs. Retha Potgieter - Administration

B.Sc Limnology, Administrative assistant

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